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Graduate Financial Assistance

In addition to the information presented below, please see the Financial Assistance section for policy and assistance information that applies to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Special Note about non-degree, certificate programs: Please consult with the Office of Student Financial Services about aid eligibility for non-degree, certificate programs as aid eligibility may differ from what is available to students enrolled in programs leading to a degree.

Adelphi University Scholarships
Institutional scholarships and grants are applicable to tuition and, in some cases, university fees. The University reserves the right to adjust the financial assistance previously awarded when these awards, in combination with other sources of assistance, exceed the cost of tuition and fees. Awards include, but are not limited to, VA educational benefits, external awards, and state scholarships and grants.


Federal Direct Loan
The Federal Direct loan is a loan available to students enrolled and actively attending a minimum of 6 credits per semester. Federal student loans do not disburse until a student has begun attendance in at least six (6) credits; students enrolled in late start classes may be subject to a delayed disbursement. These loans are originated and guaranteed by the federal government.

Application Process: Application for a Federal Direct Loan may be made by completing the FAFSA which must be completed each academic year. Students should complete and file the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 each year.  New borrowers must complete an electronic master promissory note (MPN) and entrance counseling at

Eligibility: To determine your loan eligibility, we will use the enrollment information that was provided by the student to Admissions at the time of application to the University. For continuing students we will use the student’s prior semester enrollment status, not including summer, to determine eligibility. We will assume that your enrollment status (full-time 12 credits or more, 3/4 time 9-11 credits, 1/2 time 6-8 credits) will be the same for both the fall and spring semesters.

NOTE: Graduate Students are no longer eligible to receive Direct Subsidized Loans. The federal government will withhold a loan origination fee for loans first disbursed on or after October 1, 2014 of 1.073%. For Unsubsidized Direct Loans between 7/1/14 - 6/30/15 the interest rate is 6.21%.  Loan interest rates will be adjusted annually based on the 10 year Treasury Note.

The Maximum loan amount for graduate students is $20,500 per year.

Repayment of these loans begins six months after the student ceases to be enrolled at least halftime (6 credits).

Repayment: The amount of your monthly repayment is calculated based upon the total amount that you have borrowed, as well as the repayment plan that you choose. Visit the Repayment Plans and Calculators page at to learn about repayment plans.

Notification: Upon receipt of the processed FAFSA, the University will determine your eligibility to participate in all federal, state, and institutional financial assistance programs. A financial assistance award summary will then be sent to each student, approximately 4-6 weeks after you submit your FAFSA.

For further information: contact Adelphi University Office of Student Financial Services, 516.877.3080.


Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan
Graduate PLUS loans are available to graduate students who feel they need to borrow additional funds above their Federal Direct Loan amounts. Applicants of graduate PLUS loans must file the FAFSA and meet all federal eligibility criteria. Credits worthiness is a factor in receiving a graduate PLUS loan; the current interest rate is 7.21%. Applicants may borrow up to the cost of attendance less other financial aid, including awarded Direct loan amounts.

Graduate PLUS loan applications are available at All applicants must complete a graduate PLUS master promissory note (MPN) as well as graduate PLUS entrance counseling using their federal PIN at Because credit checks expire after (90) days, it is recommended that applicants do not complete their PLUS application until their eligibility for this loan has been determined by the Office of Student Financial Services. Upon applying for the Federal Direct Graduate Plus students can indicate the specific loan period. A specific loan amount may also be requested. If a change or adjustment needs to be processed please contact the Office of Student Financial Services for guidance.

Please note: The Federal Government will withhold a loan origination fee of 4.292% for loans first disbursed on or after October 1, 2014.

Visit the Repayment Plans and Calculators page at to learn about repayment plans. For further information: Contact Adelphi University Office of Student Financial Services, 516.877.3080.

Adelphi University Graduate Assistantships
A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to qualified graduate students.

Assistantships are awarded at the discretion of the department. They may be awarded based on academic merit and some may take financial need into consideration.

Students receiving such appointments are required to devote a specified number of hours each week during the academic year to assist in teaching, research, or other technical services, as assigned by their department. In return for such services, the student is granted a remission of tuition. In addition, some assistantships offer stipends. Assistantships and/or stipends may impact your eligibility for other sources of financial aid. In addition, taxes may be withheld. Please consult the Office of Student Financial Services for more information.

Contact your graduate school/department to obtain applications and specific eligibility requirements.


Alumni Award for Graduate Study
The Adelphi Alumni Award for Graduate Study is available exclusively for Adelphi undergraduate or graduate alumni. If you earned a degree from Adelphi and now are a newly accepted graduate or doctoral student in a different program for you may be eligible for this special award.

You may choose to take 6 credits - 11 credits per semester and receive $1,000 per semester or enroll in 12 or more credits per semester and receive $1,600 per semester at the Garden City campus or our centers in Hauppauge, Manhattan, or Hudson Valley.

Application Process: 
You will automatically be considered upon receipt of your complete graduate admissions application. Students are encouraged to file the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1, but no later than February 15 to ensure maximum eligibility for other sources of financial aid.

Special Provisions:
To be eligible, you must have completed a bachelor’s or previous master’s degree at Adelphi University, be accepted into a new graduate program and enroll as a new Adelphi graduate student for a minimum of 6 credits per semester.

Award Structure:
- 6-11 credits per semester $1,000/semester
- 12 or more credits per semester $1,600/semester

Award Terms:

  1. The level of your award will depend on you actual enrollment.
  2. This award can be applied to the costs of a maximum of 18 attempted credits, during three consecutive semesters from your date of initial enrollment.
  3. This award is not applicable to: students enrolled in contractual programs, or online programs that are offered 100% online, those who receive other forms of AU scholarships, grants, remissions or assistantships.
  4. Academic scholarships for fifth year STEP and M.B.A. programs, and other University tuition remission programs cannot be used in conjunction with the Adelphi Alumni Award for Graduate Study.

Notification: Eligible students will receive a financial assistance award summary stating the amount of the award.

For further information: Contact Adelphi University Office of Student Financial Services, 516.877.3080.

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Federal Work Study Program (FWS)
This program provides employment for students demonstrating financial need. Jobs may be on or off campus. The maximum amount a recipient can earn is determined by financial need and availability of funds. Students who wish to apply for the Federal Work Study program must complete and file the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 to ensure maximum eligibility. The academic departments will offer FWS to students based upon departmental needs.

Federal Title IV Refunds
In accordance with federal regulations, students who withdraw from the University and have Federal Title IV financial assistance that has been credited or could have been credited to their account, will be subject to both federal policy regarding possible return of Federal IV funds awarded, and Adelphi University’s policy regarding the possible return of institutional aid awarded. Furthermore, the amount of the refundable institutional charges (and/or possible reduction of outstanding balance) will be set by school policy.

Title IV funds, (Federal Direct Loans, Federal Direct PLUS for Graduate Students, or Federal Perkins Loan) are awarded to students based on the assumption that they will attend classes for the entire period for which aid is awarded. The return of federal aid is a federally mandated process by which a school, using a federally mandated formula, calculates the amount of federal funds to be returned for a federally funded student who withdraws or ceases attendance during a period of enrollment. Calculations may result in a reduction of the student’s Title IV loan aid to reflect the percentage of the period of enrollment that the student attended, if the student attended 60 percent or less of the enrollment period. Based on these calculations, the school and/or the student may be required to return “unearned” federal assistance.

Only the amount of the semester’s aid that has been earned (as a result of the prorated amount of the time the student has been in school for that semester) will be retained for the student. Any aid that is not earned must be returned to its source and the amounts to be returned to federal programs will vary, based upon the type of program, the total amount to be returned, and the government’s determination of the order in which the aid is returned to the programs.

This formula is a federally mandated calculation. If a student account balance results from these adjustments, the student is responsible for the payment

New York State Aid Programs
A detailed listing of state-sponsored scholarships is available at the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) website.

Other Assistance
Several lenders offer credit based "alternative loans" for students who need to borrow above the Federal Direct loan limits.

For these alternative loans, students may borrow up to their total cost of education, less all other financial aid that they are receiving for the loan period. The features, eligibility, and repayment requirements for these alternative loans vary depending on the program. To find out more about them, contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 516.877.3080 or by email at

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